Saints Martha and Mary


The Holy Myrrh-bearers Mary and Martha, together with their brother Lazarus, were especially devoted to our Savior, as we see from the accounts given in the tenth chapter of Saint Luke, and in the eleventh and twelfth chapters of Saint John. They reposed in Cyprus, where their brother became the first Bishop of Kition after his resurrection from the dead. See also the accounts on Lazarus Saturday and the Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women. The feast day is celebrated on June 4.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone (click here for the score)
Since you believed in Christ with strong and ardent faith, and ever worshipped His divine and mighty deeds, you both adorned yourselves with all the splendor of sacred virtues. With your holy brother now, you are also vouchsafed to dwell with the ranks of saints on high, O you sisters of Lazarus, and with him, O wise Mary and Martha, pray for us all unto the Master.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
In the town of Bethany, ye dwelt of old; now in Heaven ye abide in Paradise, where our Lord's countenance shineth. For ye gave your hearts and souls up with fervent longing unto Him that is the Life and the Resurrection; as ye stand on high, O Mary and Martha, pray Him to grant salvation to us.


Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America,

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