NSP Board



Pearlann Bithos, President 
Tina Vlahos, Vice President
Mallory Kasapakis, Treasurer
Maria Sarolas, Corresponding Secretary 
Stephanie Gill, Recording Secretary
Mary Christy, Past President/Advisor

2022-2024 REPRESENTATIVES (See Metropolis Rep Guidelines)

Metropolis of Atlanta
Lisa Bobotas, Representative

Archdiocesan District
Dianna Kazakis, Representative

Metropolis of Boston
Patricia Orphanos, Representative

Metropolis of Chicago
Jane Andrews, Representative

Metropolis of Denver
Katina Gartelos, Representative

Metropolis of Detroit
Stephanie Thomas, Representative 

Metropolis of New Jersey
Nektaria Kousoulas, Representative

Metropolis of Pittsburgh
Maria Gavrilos, Representative

Metropolis of San Francisco
Pat Tsagalakis, Representative

Retired Presvyteres
Goldie Doukas and Cindy Paleologos, Representatives

Widowed Presvyteres
Eileen Sedor


Caregivers (*Please see below for ways to support our Caregiver Rep)
Vicki Cassis

Vicki Toppses

National Retreat
Alice Noplos and Becky Touloumes

Alice Noplos

Prez to Prez
Pat Tsagalakis

Sister to Sister
Jeannie Monos

Social Media
Vicki Toppses

Pauline Pavlakos

*Some of the ways we can support a Presvytera who is serving as a caregiver are as follows:

  1. Each Metropolis should assign a Caregiver representative to receive information regarding caregivers within their Metropolis;
  2. The Caregiver representative should contact the caregiver to determine if they would like the NSP to send a prayer request to the listserv;
  3. The Caregiver representative may occasionally reach out to the caregiver to see how she is doing and to let her know that her sisters are thinking about her and praying for her (this could be in the form of a phone call, email, text, note, card, etc.);
  4. The Caregiver representative may consider establishing a group email for the caregivers in her Metropolis to send periodic articles on caregiving – (oftentimes, the caregiver forgets to take care of herself while she is caring for her loved one);
  5. The Caregiver representative may also share relevant books that may be helpful for the caregiver;
  6. If their loved one passes, the Caregiver representative would inform the NSP Corresponding Secretary and share the information regarding obituary, wake/funeral services.

The most important goal of the Caregiver Committee is to let the Presvytera know that she has support from her sister Presvyteres.