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Confidential Assistance Program: A Program of the Archdiocese Benefits Committee (866-641-0791)

The Clergy Couple Care website's purpose is to provide priests, presvyteres, and clergy couples resources for navigating the many challenges they face in regard to personal self-care, marriage and family life. Thus, you will find resources specifically for the priest, others for the presvytera, and yet other resources for both. In order to access "closed" parts of this website, you must register. We encourage you to read all policies and notes before joining.

Aetna Resources for Living offers confidential services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The website offer many services and resources. The Archdiocese Benefits Committee (ABC) wants to provide a full-service benefit that you and your family can easily access whenever you need it.

A list of Orthodox Licensed Mental Health Therapists was compiled by Presvyteres Julie Honeycutt, Anastasia Leondis, and Athanasia Kostakis. Please feel free to contact any of the therapists on the list and/or Presvyteres Julie, Anastasia, and or Athanasia.

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