Prayer List

Let us pray to the Lord.

As Orthodox Christians, we are called to pray for one another. This page is our "Prayer List." Please keep the people listed on this page in your prayers. If you would like to be added to the prayer list or would like to add someone, please e-mail the name(s) so that they may be included. Please be sure to send notification as to when to remove name(s) from the prayer list; otherwise the request will be removed after 90 days, unless it is an ongoing issue. Thank you.
Please pray for: 
  • Konstantino, the 6 year old son of Fr. Aristidis and Lea Garinis, of St. Nicholas Parish in Flushing Queens, NY. He is recovering from brain surgery performed on September 10th,  and is undergoing treatment for the malignant tumor that was removed. May God grant him His healing power and grace and continue to comfort his family.  Please also pray for the capable hands in which his care has been entrusted to. May his Guardian Angel always protect, comfort, and be with Konstantino. The family greatly appreciates your continued prayers, love and support. (Previously...We humbly ask for your prayers for the son of Fr. Aristidis and Presvytera Lea Garinis from St. Nicholas Parish in Flushing, NY. Constantine Garinis underwent brain surgery this past Monday and is recovering. May God send His holy angel from heaven to guard, cherish, protect, visit and defend him. The family greatly appreciates your prayers.)
  • Please join us in praying for our dear sister and past president, Pauline Pavlakos, as she undergoes spinal surgery this Friday, October 12. We ask you, Lord, to guide the minds and the hands of those who will operate, so that she may be relieved of her pain and restored to health and well-being. Pauline and her family greatly appreciate your thoughts, love and prayers. 
  • Please pray for the healing and recovery of Fr. Michael Monos of St. Luke Greek Orthodox Church, in Columbia, MO. He broke both of his wrists on July 19, and will be undergoing surgery on the left wrist tomorrow, August 2. Please pray for the attending physicians and the means used for his care, and for the restoring of him safe and sound to his family and Church. His family and parish thank you (posted August 1, 2018).
  • Please continue to pray for Mildred, the daughter of Fr. David and Diana Eynon, of Annunciation Church, Decatur, IL. Here is a link to an article about her and how her school is raising money to help with medical expenses:
  • Please continue to pray for Fr. Anthony Demetri, of Camp Hill, PA, who sustained a brain injury on December 11, 2008. You can follow his progress by visiting His presvytera, Eleni, wrote on November 18, 2015: "Fr. Anthony is having difficulty walking. His right leg is very weak. He is being admitted overnight for testing to make sure there has been no neurological damage that is causing the problem with his weakness on the right side. He will be receiving physical and occupational therapy and if necessary be referred for sub acute therapy to make him stronger. I will know more after all the testing has been done and will keep you up to date. Our love and prayers go out to Fr. Anthony and Eleni as tests are done and they await the results.

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